Wednesday, July 11, 2018

summer days...

I refuse to acknowledge the appearance of back to school supplies in the aisles of Walmart.  We are having way too good of a summer to start thinking about that!! I love these days when the kids never really know what day of the week it is...when we always smell like sunscreen....when there is always yummy produce to be eaten...later mornings and nights....lots of ice cream and italian ice...and sore throats from cheering for so much baseball.

I'm so proud of this guy and his entire all star team.  They practiced hard....through some crazy intense get ready for their tournament.  And even though it ended sooner than we had hoped I could not be more proud of how he played.  Way to go bud!

and these guys have 2 first place championships in the books!

and this one gets the little brother of the year award.  he has spent hours at ballparks this summer and usually does it with a smile on his face.  

keeping Buckeye cool in the heat

ahh yes....summertime on the Eastern shore :)

fun on the river

love having a friend that takes great photos to share!

beach days are the absolute best!

Here's to hoping that the next few weeks do not go by as quickly as I'm fearing they will.  I feel so blessed to be able to spend all of these moments of summer with my kiddos.  They are growing into such sweet young men.  My prayer is that each day I am modeling godly characteristics for them to soak up.  I've been doing a study on what it means to be representatives of Jesus and it's been on my heart to make this a focus with my boys this summer.  To remind them daily what it means to bear the image of Jesus...."to have EYES that look with compassion...HEARTS that offer forgiveness and love...and HANDS that are engaged in service."  
For me and for is truly my heart's desire.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

fixing my eyes

It the midst of a very challenging farming season I am constantly reminding myself to keep my eyes fixed on the God we serve.  The rain, the lost crops, the frustrations....these things are not coming as a surprise to him.  He allows things to happen for reasons we do not understand at the time, but I believe with all my heart that there is something to be learned....something to be worked on....something that may need to be let go of....something he so desperately wants us to grasp as we are working through the tough patches in life.  I also am reminded of how our reaction to things that are completely out of our control, can have a very profound impact on the 3 little sets of eyes that are watching us.  My prayer for today is to be grateful for all that we be open to the ways that God is trying to refine and mature us...and to use the hard things in life to teach my children that God's plan is always for our good...and for his glory. 

Baseball.  It's what's going on these days.  So much so, that my little guy wakes up most mornings and with a sigh asks, "who has a game tonight?".  So proud of my older guys for each earning a spot on their all star teams.  It definitely fills our calendar and lengthens the season, but man it's fun to watch. :)  here they are, doing their thing during regular season...

Jack has grown and matured so much in his game....

Here's my middle one....that's him on the mound, turning the double play!

this little guy brings so much joy and energy to our days.  He is my sidekick and my helper and I absolutely refuse to admit how fast he is growing up.  

this not so little guy brings so my frustration and so much destruction to every day and I absolutely refuse to admit how somehow there is still a piece of me that loves him.  

this used to be the only dog in our family.  He never even made a noise when I super glued and rubber banded his broken nose back on.  Now that's a good dog 😊

a successful strawberry jam making day is in the books!

We are loving pool time, the beginning of the garden's bounty and time spent together.  
Here's to the start of a great summer!


Saturday, May 19, 2018

catching up...

It's becoming increasingly difficult to stay connected to my blog.  Hence...a nearly 2 month gap in between posts.  When I finally manage to find a few extra minutes to sit down at the computer I immediately start thinking of everything else I should be doing and then decide to do those things...resulting in no writing for the blog.  I'm not even sure on most days that I can formulate thoughts worth reading.  Survival and stamina are the goal of life right now and who wants to hear about that?!  haha!  I've debated shutting down the blog due to the lack of posts.  But instead I'm going to just chalk this period of life up to another stage...a stage that will one day they all do.  One day, free time for writing and reflection will not be so hard to come by and I'll look back on these sparse postings and smile.  And thank God for getting us through in one piece.  And I know all the parents out there with busy young kiddos and spouses know exactly the stage I'm talking about.  Time for writing takes a back seat for now, but I wouldn't trade this front row seat to the lives of my children for anything. 

And it's almost summer.  Yessssss!

a bit of what's been going on.....

Field trips, lots of field trips....

Baseball!  lots and lots of baseball....

a couple stitches...just to keep things interesting

helping dad get the corn planted

school run-a-thon

school programs...

a definite upside to kids growing up!

AWANA closing ceremony...what a great year we had.

early morning selfies with this cutie

and a day made very special by these three little blessed to be their momma!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

a birthday and time away

my dear Chase.  it's hard to believe that on March 8 it was 8 years since you made your arrival into this world.  such a sweet and gentle bundle you were. And now you are growing into such a sweet and vibrant young boy.  I love watching the way you bring joy to other people.   I love the way people respond to your "wit and wisdom", as your first grade teacher so accurately put it. 😊 I love the carefree love of life that you bring to our family.  Your love of music and singing continues to grow....making your mama's heart so happy.  What a special and wonderfully made gift God gave to us when Chase Daniel arrived 8 years ago.  It is an honor and privelege to be your mom. 
loving his cake perfectly created by Grandma

birthday donuts to share with his classmates

And two days after the birthday festivities 
we hopped on a plane to Florida to spend a week with this crew...
so many great memories made.  

What a difference a few years makes. The last time we did this, the 4 year olds were 4 MONTH olds. yikes.  it was so much easier this time around.  just a great time of being together.  my heart is so full.

so excited to get on the plane

waiting for the early morning bus to the Magic Kingdom

swimming in this amazing pool was by far the highlight for our kiddos

love them 

Luke was not a fan of the characters in the parks.  What he did love however, were all the police officers, security guards...pretty much anyone in a safety/rescue role.  These two officers were kind enough to make our boy so very happy.  One of his favorite moments of the trip!

Flower and Garden Showcase at Epcot.  I could not get enough of the flowers.  It was basically every direction you looked.

Dole Whips!

and this was as close as Luke wanted to get to Mickey Mouse. Ha!

and this just makes me laugh

LOVE the Beach Club!

and love my family!  until next time Disney.

And there's nothing like another whopper of a Nor'easter to welcome us home. Schools are closed today and we are hunkered down for whatever may come.  
Oh sweet Florida sunshine.  
I do miss you dearly.  


Friday, February 16, 2018

Here we are already smack dab in the middle of February!  What a winter of illness it has been for our family.  After another round of the stomach bug for 4 of us and a brief run in with the flu bug for one of us, I thought maybe we were in the clear.  And then Luke woke up last night with a fever.  Since becoming a mom I cannot remember a worse winter for sickness.  And it's not just our's everywhere!  It's not good when you are repeatedly starting your days by asking, "anyone feeling sick today?!"....just assuming that someone is bound to raise their hand!!  shew...and I thought I was ready for spring in January.  multiply that desire by about 100 and that's where I'm at.  Come. On. Spring.  We are ready for little league baseball!  for Major League baseball!  for flowers!  for a few less layers of clothing!  for more hours of daylight!  so that we can spend even more time outside with this guy!
oh Buckeye.  I'm starting to love you.  you are like a fourth child....requiring more patience than I feel like I can muster on most days.  but there's just something about you that makes me smile.  

I read an article recently by a mom who has become very intentional about her attitude towards preparing meals for her family.  She said there was a time when she became so frustrated by how much time she would put into preparing a meal and then just like that it was scarfed down and over with and everyone was moving on to the next thing.  I understand where she's coming from.  I love being in the kitchen.  I love preparing yummy, healthy meals, and indulgent, not so healthy desserts for my loved ones.  And yes, sometimes it gets scarfed down way to quickly and perhaps they may not realize just how much time I put into it.  But as the article reminded me, what a joy it is to be able to serve my family in this way....what a privilege it is to be able to have ingredients in the pantry....what a blessing it is to sit down as a family for that time together.  and then I get notes in my kitchen like this one and it really makes it worthwhile :)  love you Chase!

He's growing too fast.  It's like if I stare at him for long enough I can actually see it happening.  One Sunday he will fit into a pair of pants and literally the next week those same pants have him looking like he's ready for the great flood.  I'm trying to embrace it.  Trying not to weep when I see my little boy looking all grown up... 
He was ecstatic to go on his very first hunting outing with his grandpa.  Even though  he came home with nothing to show for it, it really didn't matter.  He got to walk through the woods, with a gun, with his grandpa, in his camo.  a happy boy. 

And then there's this guy.  my right hand man.  my best little helper.  He keeps telling me how excited he is to go to kindergarten.  I keep telling him he's not allowed to go. ever.  

Happy Friday!